Young Entrepreneurs making Social Impact

Young Entrepreneurs making Social Impact

A few years ago, we would hesitate to purchase a dress online but today we are purchasing items like cattle and many more through digital platforms.

Surely, the country has adopted the rapid digital transformation which opens a wide array of opportunities for the youth to pursue entrepreneurship.

The coronavirus pandemic is still looming large in the world and Bangladesh, in the face of the pandemic just celebrated one of the largest Muslim festivals: Eid-Al-Adha.

Amid this adverse condition, a humble initiative by a group of recent university graduates made an impact on the lives of many, along with being an inspiration for the youth to become social entrepreneurs.
With the concern of the spread of Covid-19 and its’ impact on the financial condition of people in general, Kazi Raihanul Bari, Founder & CEO of Qurbani 360 with three of his friends – Farzand Ahmed, Golam Saqline&Shahrukh Iqbal decided to start their digital service venture to help people perform their sacrifice at ease.

The uniqueness of their service was how they tagged different individuals through their online venture to perform the mandatory sacrifice on a share basis.

They took the responsibility from purchasing the animal on behalf of their client, ensuring proper rearing of the animal, slaughtering according to Shariah, neatly packaging, and delivering the meat at their clients’ doorsteps.

All of this happened remotely through the digital medium as the motto of the venture was to ensure people staying in the safety of their homes while the Qurbani 360 team takes up all the responsibility of their sacrifices this Eid.

The organization also partnered with another social initiative, Mission Save Bangladesh, one of the largest social charity movement by Sheba.

XYZ, The Daily Star, and Shamakal initiated amidst the pandemic to help people in need. The partnership was to ensure proper distribution of the donate an able portion of meat that also includes the middle-class families who are badly hit financially by the pandemic, which is also part of the social service provided by Qurbani 360.

social charity movement by Sheba

A one-stop platform for 360-degree service to ensure the client’s safety and sacrifice during Eid-Al-Adha as they can be described as.
Dr. RushaidaHaque, one of the many who availed the service from Qurbani 360 wrote, ‘While initially, I was hesitant about committing to an online process, Qurbani 360 won me over with their professionalism.

The order process was smooth and prompt while the communication went off without any problems. The meat was packed neatly and fresh meat of our sacrificed animal was delivered at our doorstep on EidDay by a very well behaved team.

I didn’t expect so much in such adverse conditions and can only imagine the work the team at Qurbani 360 would have done to ensure such service.

Qurbani 360 wrote

My heartfelt thanks to the tremendous effort of the team that we could give our Qurbani properly this year’.
Their concept revolutionized the cattle industry of the country and the way people perform their sacrifice.

The versatility of their concept is evident by the dedicated feature on their initiative by one of the national daily’s – ProthomAlo.

Their concept currently has been adopted by many reputed organizations in the cattle regime of the country.

The team appreciates the spread of their concept as this will ensure the safety of people and help them to be more familiar with the digital transformation the country is currently undergoing.

When asked regarding their service and future plans, Mr. Raihan of Qurbani 360 said, ‘We have been successful to keep a good number of families in Dhaka safe in their homes this Eid, our purpose has been served! Gladly we will be sharing insights and more technical know-how to organizations on how to make their operation smoother.

We look forward to keeping our current services operational followed by scaling up initiative furthermore.

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We are excited about turning into a sustainable venture with various innovative service verticals and with the overwhelming trust of people, we hope to continue being a trusted organization for any Qurbani and beyond.’

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