Viral Pakistani Girl Rizla Rehan Finally Reveals Her Identity

Rizla Rehan, whose photos while watching matches at the Asia Cup circulated around the web in India and Pakistan.

Pakistani beautiful  Rizla Rehan became famous overnight. Rehan said never envisioned she would turn into a web sensation.

In a meeting, Rehan stated, “I don’t have the words to express how I feel. It is an astounding inclination and I never expected in my most extravagant fantasies something like this could ever transpire.”

Rizla Rehan who went viral
Viral Pakistani Girl Rizla Rehan Finally Reveals Her Identity

“I am only a standard Pakistani young lady,” she said.

Initially, from Karachi, Rehan has been living in Dubai for quite a while.

Rehan, who turned into an online networking sensation after she was found viewing an Asia Cup coordinate among Pakistan and India, reviewed, “I didn’t know I was caught on camera amid the match.

I got back home in the wake of watching the match, frustrated that Pakistan had lost when a companion sent me a message with my photo titled, India nay coordinate jeeta hai liya lekin Pakistan nay dil jeet liya hai (India won the match yet Pakistan won hearts).

I didn’t consider anything it and that my companions were clowning.”

In any case, that was not its finish.

“I considered my significant other the following day when another companion called me and disclosed to me that the general population from radio were searching for me,” she said. “My better half instructed me to appreciate the five minutes of distinction.”

Rehan Finally Reveals Her Identity
Rizla Rehan who went viral

Depicting herself as just another cricket fan, Rehan stated, “I appreciate watching cricket, however, I don’t consider myself the greatest fan. I went there to help and give a shout out to my nation.”

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She included, “Watching the match in the stadium is an alternate involvement with every one of the fans getting together and giving a shout out to the group. You don’t get that climate while watching the diversion at home.”

Talking about the affection that she has been getting from the opposite side of the fringe, Rehan admitted, “I would love to visit India one day. I am a gigantic enthusiast of Indian motion pictures, Big Boss, Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan.”

Rehan additionally stated, she will give a shout out to the group when then they go up against Australia next. “I will watch Pakistan’s matches against Australia and in addition, Pakistan Super League matches.”

She additionally shared that she had a “fan minute” when Indian mentor Ravi Shastri offered her the go-ahead amid the Pakistan, India coordinate.

“Ravi Shastri is a cricketing legend and he offered me a go-ahead, now I don’t know whether he knew I was the viral young lady or not. Someone else from the Indian camp waved at me likewise,” she shared.

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