ULAB HULT Prize distributes food and face masks to HOPE’87 Mobile Quality School

ULAB,ULAB HULT Prize food distribution to HOPE,HOPE 87 Mobile School,ইউল্যাব হাল্ট

The University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) HULT Prize organizing committee took the initiative to distribute food and face masks to students of HOPE’87 Mobile Quality School in their Rayer Bazar and Kamrangir Char branch on 4th September 2020.

A team of 10 members from the organizing committee visited the school for this purpose while maintaining social distancing.

“We know that during this pandemic it is important to take health precautions. However, what about these deprived children? The HULT Prize is all about meeting sustainable development goals and children are the agents of change for tomorrow.

We tried to offer a bit more support whilst maintaining social distancing. I believe that is the true spirit of the HULT Prize,” said Campus Director Sakiba Tanha.

HULT Prize is an annual year-long business competition that sources sustainable business ideas from university and college students after challenging them to solve a pressing social issue. The theme for the 2021 challenge is “Food for Good”.

The HULT Prize Global Team, organizer of the event said that the challenge is based on the idea that food can be a vehicle for development.

It can have a positive impact on more than one crore people by 2030, keeping in view the issues of Sustainable Development Goals.

Child hunger is also a pressing issue concerning sustainable development goals.

Keeping in par with the HULT Prize theme and the main objective of the competition, the ULAB HULT Prize committee visited the needy students to distribute food, gifts, and face masks.

Md. Rezaul Karim Babu, country representative of HOPE’87 in Dhaka, called on the rich people of the society to come forward and help the underprivileged children like those of HOPE’87 Mobile Quality School.

ULAB,ULAB HULT Prize food distribution to HOPE,HOPE 87 Mobile School,ইউল্যাব হাল্ট

The Mobile Quality School is an initiative of the Austrian non-profit organization, HOPE’87  (Hundreds of Original Projects for Employment) to educate and prepare underprivileged children for the future.

Registration for the ULAB HULT Prize has begun. All students of the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh are invited to participate in the competition. Details are available on the ULAB HULT Prize official Facebook page.

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