Trump denies talking about killing Bashar al-Assad

US President Donald Trump denied Wednesday having discussed expecting to kill Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad, a key claim in another book by Washington Post feature writer Bob Woodward.

“That was never anytime considered,” Trump told writers in the Oval Office as he met with the emir of Kuwait.

Trump’s comments came as he advised Damascus that “the world is watching” Syrian troops massing on the edges of the progressive held area of Idlib, raising sentiments of the anxiety of an altruistic disaster.

“I just reveal to you that they will preferably be, incredibly sensible and vigilant,” Trump said of the Syrian organization.

“Since the world is seeing. That can’t be a butcher. If it’s a butcher, the world will be, particularly incensed. In addition, the United States will be greatly enraged, also.”

In his new book “Fear: Trump in the White House,” Woodward relates that the president revealed to Defense Secretary Jim Mattis that he needed Assad executed after he finished an engineered attack on normal residents in April 2017.

“Permits f – ing butcher him! We ought to go in. We should butcher the f – ing part of them,” Woodward refers to Trump as saying.

He forms that Mattis told the president he would “get perfect on it” anyway then returned later with plans for a more obliged air strike.

Trump and White House partners have struck the book as overflowing with “made up” stories, and in a tweet, on Wednesday morning the president inquired as to why Congress doesn’t change the laws on slander.

“The book adds up to nothing. It’s a work of fiction,” Trump told columnists in the Oval Office, observing that Mattis and White House head of staff John Kelly had both issued declarations expelling the book’s record.

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