Scottish Prison guard Kristi Davidson quits her job for former prisoner

Scottish Prison guard Kristi Davidson who quit her job may have started a relationship with a newly freed lag when she worked at his nick.

Maybe the most well-known case of connections blooming from penitentiaries is the one between DC Comic characters Joker and Harley Quinn.

The stories of their adoration and villainy are outstanding. The pair even has a full element film, Suicide Squad, that features the high points and low points of their relationship.

Yet, we should not overlook, the Joker and Harley Quinn are anecdotal characters.

Be that as it may, a comparable, less emotional yet evident story has left a jail in Scotland where a female guard quit her activity as of late and went on an occasion with a previous detainee from a similar jail.

Prison guard Kristi Davidson
Kristi Davidson, 24

As indicated by The Sun, 24-year-old Kristi Davidson, who was a protect at HMP Addiewell in West Lothian region of Scotland, quit working at the jail in July.

This was around a similar time when detainee Jamie Bunting was discharged.

As of late, Kristi Davidson and Jamie shared a few pictures via web-based networking media of them holidaying in Turkey.

It has been only two weeks since Jamie was discharged from HMP Addiewell.

prison officer Kristi Davidson
Scottish Prison guard Kristi Davidson

“The reality they are plainly a thing and got together so rapidly after they both left the prison makes it look like something may have gone on while she was working.

She cleared out the activity inside multi-day or so of him being discharged and after that, they were spotted on vacation,” a source disclosed to The Sun.

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Hitting additionally posted a couple of pictures on Instagram of him and Kristi snuggling.

At the point when the jail authorities were drawn closer for a remark, they said they don’t remark on people.

The episode comes after eight jail officers at HMP Addiewell jail were sacked after they tossed a ‘cocaine-fuelled’ party.

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