Paul Kenny had to keep punching shark to escape attack

Nudist beach surfer Paul Kenny punches shark to escape attack

A body surfer survived a head-on shark assault by “punching it until the point that it let go” while at a nudist shoreline in Australia.

Paul Kenny was chomped in the arm by the bull shark and said there was “blood all over”.

He told how the enormous fish simply missed a corridor amid the alarming episode.

Paul Kenny had to keep punching the animal
Naked Australian Accidentally Headbutts Shark

Realistic photos demonstrate his harmed arm, however, Paul seems, by all accounts, to be gladly flaunting his injury following his demonstration of valiance.

Paul was body surfing at Samurai shoreline in New South Wales on Saturday morning when he was assaulted.

The 50-year-old told how he came up short on the water urgently subsequent to fend the shark off.

headbutted then fought off shark by punching it on the nose
Paul Kenny had to keep punching the animal

He disclosed: “I think [my arm] got the finish of his mouth since his head was greater than [the size of the nibble mark], it’s not only a little head that way.

“Be that as it may, I think he simply turned and snapped and just got its finish and simply missed a vein, say thanks to God.


Surfer punches shark at NSW nudist beach
Surfer punches shark at NSW nudist beach

“I was coming in. So I went to move out somewhat more profound to show signs of improvement wave.

I simply put my head down and headbutted it and after that it just got me.


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I just began punching it until the point when it let go.”

He said he held his arm while it was dying.

The shoreline had as of late re-opened in the wake of being shut in light of the fact that a whale had been cleaned up.

provoking feelings of trepidation of expanded shark action, reports say.

An onlooker revealed to Sky he was exploring the great outdoors on the shoreline when he saw the assault unfurl.

Chris Stewart said he heard a man shouting out for help, including that he was seeping at the bicep.

Paul is presently being treated in healing facility and is accepted to be in a steady condition.

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