Kuwaiti TV presenter Halima Boland threatens to sue(Video)

Kuwaiti television host Halema Boland arrives for the 16th annual

Kuwaiti television host Halima Boland arrives for the 16th annual

Three men were captured in Saudi Arabia after they deceived a Kuwaiti VIP into believing that she had been given a Dh2.9 million present box of aromas from “official sources”, the Saudi Press Agency detailed.

The scene drummed up some excitement via web-based networking media after a video of Halima Boland, a Kuwaiti TV has, developed in which she was seen accepting the container of Abdul Samad Al Quraishi scents, a well-known fragrance mark in the GCC. It was as far as anyone knows worth 3 million Saudi riyals.

In a video on her Snapchat account, which she transferred, however, has since erased, Ms Boland is heard addressing a Saudi man off-camera who advises her “we would prefer not to reveal to you the estimation of the blessing, yet it’s 3 million riyals”.

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The container is opened by two other men, uncovering a brilliant bulletin. Composed on it is: “Halima Abdul Jaleel Boland, the most wonderful ladies on the planet are under her feet”.

In the container, there were 18 bottles from Abdul Samad Al Quraishi perfumery.

In an announcement conveyed by the state news office, the Saudi man, alongside his Lebanese and Indian mates, deceived Ms Boland into trusting it was sent to her by “official sources”.

There has been no official articulation yet on what the rationale of the three men was in introducing the blessing. Yet, experts have captured the three on charges of fabrication and falsifying official reports.

The video has since drummed up some excitement via web-based networking media, inciting Ms Boland to tweet on Wednesday night before turning her record private on Thursday.

“I will sue the individuals who have manhandled me and endeavoured to sully my notoriety, through my legitimate delegates to, any individual who has spread gossipy tidbits about me, in Kuwait and abroad. The individuals who weren’t raised by their folks will be trained by the law,”

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