JnU’s application to go home by bus is coming to an end tomorrow

JnU's application to go home by bus is coming to an end tomorrow

The Jagannath University administration has taken the responsibility of delivering the students stranded in Dhaka during the coronation period. Applications can be submitted by 2 pm tomorrow, July 13.
If you want to know about the students interested in going home on the university bus, the university proctor Dr. Mostafa Kamal said on his mobile phone, “According to the latest information, more than 1600 applications have been submitted. We are waiting for the government’s permission,”. However, we are hopeful that the government will allow us, considering the stranded students of the university.
Asked about where the bus will be released from, he said, “There will be no bus from the campus and there will be no opportunity to pick up people on the way. In that case, students must bring their ID cards with them. The signature will be taken by mentioning the time of getting on and off the bus and where it is getting off.

And the work of data entry of these is going on. Those who have applied will be given a seat on the bus after checking and selecting. Those who have passed the Masters will not get this facility. For this, the information of the students is being verified in a good way from the registrar’s office.

Mentioned last Thursday, July 7, Jagannath University Proctor. Mostafa Kamal and Student Welfare Director Prof. A notice signed by Mohammad Abdul Baki states that Jagannath University students stranded in Dhaka who wish to go home on Eid have been asked to personally apply along with the proctor/director by mentioning name, batch, ID number, department but if no one can submit the application directly to their department You can apply to the chairman via softcopy by class Representative.

The application will end tomorrow, July 13 at 2 pm.
Amrito Roy, JnU Correspondent

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