Coronavirus will be negative in four days , success of Bangladeshi doctors   

Coronavirus will be negative in four days , success of Bangladeshi doctors

The news of research on various drugs for the treatment of COVID 19 in different countries all over the world, Bangladesh sees the light of hope and this time a team of doctors from Bangladesh showing us the new light of hope to the world.

They have succeeded in treating COVID 19  with the combined use of two old drugs.

The Professor of Chest Diseases, Bangladesh Medical College, Tareq Alam has found The light of this new hope in the treatment of Coronavirus after a month and a half of research with one of his associate doctors.

Dr. Alam said that they applied antibiotic doxycycline with a single does of the antiprotozoal medicine ivermectin to patients with coronavirus who had a 50 percent reduction in symptoms In just three days and had surprising success with coronavirus Test result in four days.

Dr. Tareq Alam said, ” We found it wonderful. If we had worked With medicine earlier,  we would not have lost so many lives.

He said,” these two drugs have been used during the SARS epidemic before.

I can assure you that the combined use of these two drugs will have far more effective results than the other two drugs used in the treatment of coronavirus, hydroxychloroquine, and remedicvir.

The researcher on this drug has already started in India. We studied  70 patients at Bangladesh Medical College and Hospital. That’s why we have got this success.

Our research has already completed a successful of these two drugs at Monash University in Australia”.


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