Because of being subservient for more than two centuries

ecause of being subservient for more than two centuries, the fear of the inhospitable atmosphere of the bounded Bangladesh sky, but it has turned into hope within the four decades of independence by the unimaginable path to the adventurous life-force and creativity of adventurous people. Already Bangladesh has achieved 7.4 percent growth per capita, 100 percent literacy, ensuring women’s rights, and many other achievements. Through the development of trade and industry, Bangladesh has already left the level of developing country and has been acquired its place in the list of LDC of the world. And in the efforts of some enthusiastic creative people, Bangladeshi has progressed equally in the computer technology software industry.

Bangladesh Software Association and Information Service (BASIS) was established in 1997 to carry forward the software industry of Bangladesh. Initially, there were only 17 members out of it’s of its approximate 1,500 registered members, of which at least 500 IT companies were, directly and indirectly, involved in software development and marketing. These companies are promoting the country’s reserve by selling their products in foreign markets, as well as creating huge online income generating jobs. As a result, thousands of youth are getting the chance of a lightening future. It is to be noted that Bangladesh has occupied second place in Outsourcing, behind the world’s biggest country. Which is very interesting for us.

We think this software industry is going to be the best way to go forward for millions of young people. So, keeping them in mind, we are launching the details of a successful software company of Bangladesh named by BDTASK. So that our talented youngsters can make a dream of their dreams.

Journey and Naming history of BDTASK :

Talking with Mr Sumch Mohammad Tarek, Managing director of BDTASK we learn many things about it. Mr. Sumch Mohammad Tareq said that we have started the journey of BDTASK first from our own home. Initially, we used to work in some freelancing marketplace such as upwork, freelancer and Fiverr. BDTASK means Bangladeshi work, our aim and purpose are to provide software affordable with purchase power of the people, so that everyone can be digital and buy & automation software in their daily task management.

Speaking to the Chief Operating Officer Mr Tanzil Ahmed, he said, “Actually, our journey was a little challenging, we used to do freelancing as well as IT training at the earliest. But we did not extend it to the attention of software development. That makes our journey even more intense.

Mr Sumch Mohammad Tarek also said that success will come by the hard work and patience, and so, we have never been frustrated and now I have been transformed my organization into a successful software company in Bangladesh.

BDTASK Software:
In addition to 18 custom software for daily business management of small and medium businesses, daily work management of healthcare organizations and other B2B business organizations, there is a rich portfolio of BDTASK with 10 different types of WordPress theme and template.

BDTASK Software list :

  1. Hospital management system
  2. Doctor appointment & schedule management system
  3. Pharmacy management system
  4. Clinic management system
  5. Gynecology & OBS Consultation software
  6. Multi-hospital management system
  7. Inventory management system
  8. ERP Software
  9. Human Resource Management system
  10. Online Exam system
  11. Online Newspaper System-News365
  12. Software for file sharing youtube download & blogging
  13. Easy Comment & review system
  14. Advanced E-Commerce Software
  15. Online Bus Reservation System
  16. Vehicle Management System
  17. Multi-Store E-commerce Shopping Cart Software

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