At long last got Eden de Silva

Ramisa Simran

At long last got Eden de Silva

Name Eden D’Silva Ramisa Simran. The 19-year-old young lady has been gotten by Gulshan Police Station on Friday. At that point turned out one by one, the stories of his unethical exercises.

Wonderful ladies meet at midnight at Gulshan world class territory. The individuals who don’t dither to take part in any action in return for cash.

Ramisa Simran
Eden de Silva

As per sources, Eden D’Silva Ramisa Simran is one of them. Otherwise called Yaba Beauty.

The source said the lovely young lady used to focus on the offspring of an affluent family from tiredness constantly. From that point onward, they got coercion regardless of whether they had the opportunity to get the chance.

In spite of the fact that he was specifically required with the medication, on Friday, the wonderful young lady was captured in a stolen case. On account of Eden D’Silva, an affluent family has been blamed for grabbing 36 million takas. by hanging in an adoration trap.

It is found out that in various cases including Gulshan, Banani, and Mirpur, there are cases and GD in her names. However, she was withdrawn. At long last, Gulshan Police figured out how to capture the number 17 on Friday morning.

Gulshan Police Station sources said that the bodies of evidence against Eden D’Silva are being gathered in various police headquarters soon. In the meantime, she will be requested to remand the court once more.

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