A Chinese woman watched ‘Story of Yanxi Palace’ for 7 days and Suffers Eye Stroke

This Chinese Woman watched popular Chinese serial ‘Story of Yanxi Palace’for 7 days and Suffers Eye Stroke

Everybody makes the most of their long ends of the week in an unexpected way.

Some change into gathering creatures while others lean toward chilling at home to observe some great films.

This specific woman has a place with the second gathering, yet she took it to the outrageous.

China’s National Day falls on first October and it accompanies three open occasions.

Combined with the end of the week and a few days off, this woman surnamed Ting had the chance to marathon watch the exceedingly prominent dramatization.

The Story of Yanxi Palace as she at long last had room schedule-wise to get up to speed with the scenes she missed and completed the whole show in seven days.

A Chinese girl watched 'Story of Yanxi Palace' for straight 7 days
Woman Suffers Eye Stroke After Binge Watching ‘The Story of Yanxi Palace’

In the event that you haven’t known about this slanting show, it has 70 scenes all out where everyone keeps going around 45 minutes in length.

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In this way, she began watching it on her notepad round the clock and took exceptionally least rest in the middle.

On 7 October, her vision on the left eye began getting to be foggy and the following morning when she woke up, she could just observe a man’s shadow at most with her left eye.

She wildly went to look for restorative treatment after that. The ophthalmologist analyzed her condition as foremost ischemic optic neuropathy (AION), or ordinarily known as an eye stroke.

This condition happens when the bloodstream to the optic nerve is either blocked or decreased.

For Ting’s situation, her eyes were frightfully stressed from confronting PCs at work and her notepad at home.

In addition, the cool climate had significantly diminished the bloodstream to her eyes.


Fortunately, she looked for restorative consideration promptly, which expanded her odds for full recuperation.

A specialist called attention to that eye strokes are a moderately easy condition where it can quickly diminish one’s vision all of a sudden and in some extreme cases.

The condition is irreversible if the patient does not look for treatment.

Likewise, the master said that taking a gander at the cell phone screen in complete dimness is one of the greatest reasons for an eye stroke.

On the off chance that you should do that, at any rate, turn on the work area light and keep the telephone looking over the session to underneath 30 minutes.

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